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The Boldness of
Disciplined Investing

Discipline. Agility. And a Proven, Proprietary Process 

CooksonPeirce is the preferred boutique investment management firm for the discerning investor who seeks a disciplined, quantitative approach to money management. With a rigorous buy/sell discipline that enables us to be agile and responsive to marketplace changes, the firm capitalizes on opportunities and delivers consistent results to its clients in a constantly changing marketplace.

Market Intelligence

Timely, targeted information, factored without emotion, is the currency of alpha in equity portfolios. Our intensive, insightful Sector Heat Map research and equity Power Index analytics, along with thought leadership in our IQ journal, puts cool-headed facts in the hands of well-informed investors.

Power Index

Since 1984, the Cookson-Peirce Power Index has accurately alerted investors to unique shifts in momentum. Our proprietary daily calculations are followed by astute investors for signs of key inflection points and timely market opporunity.

July 11, 2020

Power Index


The CooksonPeirce Model

Universe of Stocks

More than 1,500 stocks carefully reviewed based on sustainable market leadership.

Proprietary Ranking

Occurs weekly. Ranked using the firm’s time-tested,
in-house investment management system.

Industry Analysis

Industry groups ranked based on individual stock analysis. Determines which stocks will be purchased.

Security Selection

Qualitative analysis of business catalysts. Strategic fit within portfolio.