We didn’t adopt a stock selection methodology.

We invented one.

Yes, there are other investment managers out there. But none of them utilize the proprietary methodology we created, and have been refining and enhancing for almost a half century. When Bob Peirce began his career with a major investment firm back in 1970, he devised a system of selecting stocks where the winners proved to be more productive than those selected through conventional means. He took that knowledge with him when he partnered with Jane and Don Cookson to form CooksonPeirce in 1984.

CooksonPeirce is an all-cap equity management firm with a focus on stock selection through quantitative analysis. We operate on a relative- strength model, continually in search of profit, devoid of emotion, with a clear sell discipline. Our process is mathematically-based and replicable, as any credible science-based methodology must be. We believe that understanding the numbers is the key to successful investing, so we make it our mission to know them well. And to prove our commitment to our strategy, we invest all of our personal assets alongside our client’s assets.

Reading tea leaves is not a sound investment strategy.

There’s one fundamental problem inherent in any speculative investment strategy: no one can predict the future. And, to some degree, every value-investing process involves some subjective speculation. At CooksonPeirce, we operate on a uniquely-defined, quantifiable system where the numbers drive the buy/sell triggers. We act on what is—not what might be. Every week, each stock is analyzed and ranked. And when the sell threshold is met, we move the position quickly and decisively. It is this “disciplined sell” philosophy, devoid of speculation and emotion, that separates us from other investment managers.

Everything we need to know about a stock is reflected in its current price.

The earnings, the losses, the acquisitions, the mergers, the personnel changes, the new product announcements, and even the improprieties and rumors. They’re all in there. In fact, everything known about any aspect of a company is reflected in its current stock price. We focus on the numbers, and we sell the underperformers.This ongoing process strengthens the portfolio, and is the reason behind our success. No one can know everything there is to know about thousands of stocks. But we can track every step of their movement.

Our investors love winners as much as we love numbers.

At CooksonPeirce, we get to know our investors as intimately as we know the numbers. Their scope is as diverse as the market. Understanding their goals and needs enables us to tailor a strategy to suit their risk tolerance and help them achieve their objectives. We place a high priority on preservation of capital, but have consistently outperformed the market. In the end, the numbers tell the story. Our system has a proven history.† We listen to the numbers. We understand their language. We do the math.


† Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.